2016 Electric Cars for Tall Drivers

Electric Cars

Environmentally conscious tall folks – this one’s for you. Before I read Zach Shahan’s article about the best electric cars available, I didn’t know that there were quite so many electric vehicles available.

To provide a thorough overview of electric cars, I used Zach’s Evobsession post, 10 Best Electric Cars.

If you’re a fan of hybrid and electric vehicles, I would add this blog to your regular reading list. For now, here are the interior dimensions so that you can work on prioritizing your test drive list.

You’ll notice one very notable vehicle missing – the Tesla Model 3. I have yet to find interior dimensions on the vehicle. The Chevrolet Bolt will also be coming soon.

Electric Car Leg Room

Here are the leg room numbers on 2016’s electric vehicles:

2016 Electric Car Leg Room

When it comes to leg room, the Mercedes B-Class Electric and Tesla Model S lead the pack. On the shorter end of the leg room numbers are the Fiat 500e and the BMW i3.

Electric Car Head Room

Let’s take a look at the head room numbers for this group:

2016 Electric Car Head Room

The Mercedes B-Class again leads the group in terms of head room. The rest of the pack remains very even in this dimension.

Electric Car Hip Room

Now let’s see the kind of hip room you can expect from these electric vehicles:

2016 Electric Car Hip Room

The BMW i3 and Volkswagen e-Golf don’t report on hip room. Leading this category is the Tesla Model S. As with head room, the field is pretty even in terms of hip room.

Interior Dimensions & MSRP

Let’s add in cost to the mix:

2016 Electric Car Interior Dimensions and MSRP

Interior Dimensions & Range

To give you the big picture, let’s add one more element to the comparison – range.

2016 Electric Car Dimensions and Range

As always, the numbers themselves don’t tell the whole story. Test driving these cars will help you get an idea of how comfortable they are. If you are tall and have driven any of these vehicles, please share your experience in the comments.


Photo Credit: Spark EV © General Motors, Model S © Tesla Motors, Soul EV Spark EV © Kia Motors.

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  • AM

    My father picked up a Tesla Model S P85D last year to replace his journeyman Honda Pilot (285k miles and still kicking…) as he nears retirement. It’s honestly an amazing vehicle for tall folks with the scratch for it. I’m 6’5″ 250 (36 inseam) and driving it was the first time I had ever been comfortable in a sports car. It actually felt more comfortable than the Pilot, believe or not, due to not having a shifter on the wheel to have to maneuver my knee around. I’m currently in NYC so I make due fine (better, almost) without a car, but the Tesla is on my short list for when I eventually settle down in the burbs.

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