2016 Full-Size SUVs for Tall Drivers

2016 Full-Size SUVs for Tall Drivers

So you’ve decided to go all out. It seems to me like the full-size SUV is the vehicle that your relatives are always telling you that you should buy.

Nonetheless, full-size SUVs offer a ton of space. If you want a large family wagon, the full-size SUV may be the option for you.

There aren’t too many competitors in this field. You can expect a new addition, the Nissan Armada, in late 2016.

Full-Size SUV Leg Room

We’ll start with leg room. For reference, the average leg room in the mid-size SUV segment is 80.6, nearly two inches less than the full-size SUV with the least amount of leg room.

2016 Full Size SUV Leg Room

In general, the GM SUVs top the list for leg room. The 2016 Chevrolet Suburban and GMC Yukon XL are identical in terms of leg room, and they lead the way in the full-size SUV category. At the short end of leg room is the Ford Expedition.

Full-Size SUV Head Room

Let’s take a look at head room. For comparison, the average 2016 mid-size SUV head room is 40 inches. Both the Sequoia and Expedition offer less than this.

2016 Full Size SUV Head Room

GM vehicles rise to the top again in terms of head room. The GMC Yukon XL and Chevrolet Tahoe lead full-size SUVs in head room. The Toyota Sequoia offers the least amount of head room of this list.

Full-Size SUV Hip Room

Let’s look at full-size SUV hip room. For reference, the average hip room for 2016’s mid-size SUVs is 56.6, and the least amount of hip room here is nearly 3 inches wider.

2016 Full Size SUV Hip Room

While the 2016 Toyota Sequoia trails in head room and leg room, there is plenty of room in this SUV for drivers who have wide hips or a large rear end. At the narrow end of the hip room spectrum is the Ford Expedition. The GM vehicles are identical in terms of hip room.

The Big Picture

Let’s look at the big picture, adding in these measurements with MSRP:

2016 Full Size SUV Interior Dimensions and MSRP

The GMC vehicles may have the advantage in leg room and head room, but the Ford Expedition does have the edge in terms of price. The Toyota Sequoia comes in at around the same price but it lacks in head room, which can be a deal breaker for some tall drivers.

While it’s at the most expensive end of the chart, the GMC Yukon XL is ahead of the other full-size SUVs on this list in terms of interior dimensions. The other GM vehicles are identical to one another.

If your needs call for a full-size SUV, I hope that this guide helps you choose the best fit. Let me know in the comments about your experience with driving one of these vehicles.

Photo Credit: RL GNZLZ

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  • Scott Giroux

    You are doing the Lord’s work here Will. Thank you.

  • J

    Do these measurements account for a sunroof? I find that most mid level and up SUVs are now standard with a sunroof, making headroom even worse.

    I am going to buy a Tahoe/Yukon without a sunroof. While they are definitely less available, its still an option. Toyota, Nissan, Infiniti, and others all have sunroof standard on higher end vehicles. I think they are standard on the higher end Fords as well.

    • Will Eifert

      As far as I know, these measurements are taken without a sunroof. The sunroof shaves off a little bit of headroom. I’d be interested in knowing exactly how many inches are lost to sunroofs.

      • J

        Many manufacturers list with/without sunroof or you can notice a difference in headroom between their base models and the higher end models.

        In my experience a sunroof makes a vehicle lose 2-3″ of headroom

  • childofGod

    Hi Will,

    I appreciate the time you take to review these vehicles for us tall folks. Question, for me I would love the if the bottom cushion was taller. The older vehicles had longer cushions but are they all mostly the same in these newer vehicles?

  • Clayton

    At 6’8 and two girls that are going to be tall (11yr old at 5’8) the front seat is covered by many vehicles (exception of good thigh support). The 2nd row is the issue with my seat all or most of the way back. I have found that the full size SUV has a big disadvantage with the static 2nd row. This does not leave much room behind me. The midsize SUV Highlander (Own) and q7 (would like to own) have great legroom up front and the 2nd row (Obviously 3rd rows and cargo are not very good)

    My issue now is I need the cargo room of the suburban, yukon xl or the expedition. I may hold on a little longer to see what the new 2018 Ford Expedition brings.

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