My last car would be…

Lincoln MKZ

“The next car that I buy will be my last one,” dad said to me recently.

While he’s been making morbid statements for nearly as long as I can remember, this one gave me pause for thought. If you knew that the next car you bought would be your last, what would you buy?

We talked through some of dad’s choices. There is the Mustang, because it was the first car he’d ever drove and thought it fitting to be the last. Or there is the Cadillac, the pinnacle car of America’s middle class. He remembered how special it was when his dad brought one home. Or perhaps it’d be a pickup, since he’s never owned one but considered it all the time.

He tells me that he’s still driving the Ford Galaxie that was sold out from under him in his dreams.

Now I’m only twenty-six, so there’s a lot of time yet before I start talking about lasts. But if you forced me to start considering my last vehicle now, here’s what I’d be looking at. For the purpose of this exercise, I’m assuming that I could scrape together the money to buy these.


I remember that on many nights on the way home from dinner or some event, Dad would play classical or jazz music on the ride home. Those trips always stuck with me, and I’ve always associated them with a certain level of class that I’d want in my last car. And when I think about a car that embodies that sort of elegance, it’s a Lincoln. Specifically, I think of the Lincoln MKZ. Maybe McConaughey is on to something.

Lincoln MKZ

Of all the cars listed here, I find this the most reasonable and likely as a go-to last car.


I can’t help but like Jaguar. I’m willing to accept that there are plenty of other cars better than a Jaguar, but in my world the Jag just oozes class. And, much like each vehicle you see here, if I’m on the way out, I want to do it with class. I’m willing to sacrifice brand newness for a gently used ideal. You can find a Jaguar online for an at-least-not-laughable price.

Jaguar interior_mini


Again, I’m talking about a well-used Bentley, here. If we’re talking last cars, part of me wants to go out in something that nobody else is driving around. It doesn’t matter if the car is going to last a really long time, and it doesn’t really matter if it’s been well-used. A Bentley is a Bentley, and you can find them on Auto Trader at $30,000 or so. I realize that this logic could be totally flawed.

Bentley Arnage_mini

Alright, it’s your turn…

Put yourself in the position of buying your last car ever. Be realistic. What are you putting down money for?

I’m interested in seeing your choices. Based on my choices, I think it’s safe to say I’d prefer a used unique luxury car than a new anything else. And it’s safe to say that I’m probably a 60 year old living in a 26 year old body.

One thing is clear to me. Emotion is everything when it comes to your last car, so let your heart be your guide.

Wow, this is depressing! I’m going to go eat a bowl of cereal and think happy thoughts.

Photo credit:

“Lincoln MKZ” by Abdullah Albargan
“Bentley Arnage” by FotoSleuth
Jaguar XJ 2011 17 by Kārlis Dambrāns

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