2015 Chevrolet Malibu Review

2015 Chevrolet Malibu

Comfort is king when it comes to being a big man, and I’ve recently found that comfort behind the wheel of a 2015 Chevrolet Malibu.

Driving this vehicle has been mostly a pleasure. What the Malibu lacks in off-the-line and highway lane-change power it makes up in with a quiet, smooth and comfortable ride. Yet while it’s comfortable for tall drivers, this car effectively seats three with me behind the wheel.

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My last car would be…

Lincoln MKZ

“The next car that I buy will be my last one,” dad said to me recently.

While he’s been making morbid statements for nearly as long as I can remember, this one gave me pause for thought. If you knew that the next car you bought would be your last, what would you buy?

We talked through some of dad’s choices. There is the Mustang, because it was the first car he’d ever drove and thought it fitting to be the last. Or there is the Cadillac, the pinnacle car of America’s middle class. He remembered how special it was when his dad brought one home. Or perhaps it’d be a pickup, since he’s never owned one but considered it all the time.

He tells me that he’s still driving the Ford Galaxie that was sold out from under him in his dreams.

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Big Guy Test Drive: 2016 Chevrolet Traverse Review

2016 Chevrolet Traverse

I’ve been behind a Chevy Traverse many times and wondered, “With a butt that big, why did they put such small lights on it?”

Well, I thought that the Traverse deserved a more in-depth review than that, and so I took one for a test-drive. Based on what my wife and I are in search of, I’ve been looking at a couple of factors for our future SUV: Does it fit me; will it carry our junk on road trips; will it carry other people and their junk, and do I actually enjoy looking at and driving it.

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Best Compact Cars for Tall Drivers

2015's Best Compact Cars for Tall Drivers

Oh, you’re a brave soul. Despite all of the warnings that you need to buy a pickup truck or SUV, and despite all of the jokes about clown cars and Hot wheels, you’re looking for a compact car.

It’s okay. I understand. The car I’ve been driving since high school is a Honda Civic, and even though I’m 6’7 it has plenty of room for me. And when it comes to buying, choosing a compact car over a mid-size sedan can help you save a bit of money.

So lets take a look at 2015’s best compact cars for tall drivers.

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Best Mid-Size Sedans for Tall Drivers

Mid-size sedans

Tall drivers can find a comfortable compact car. But if you’re tired of getting made fun of for driving a Matchbox car, maybe you should think about sizing up a bit. Welcome to mid-size sedans for the vertically gifted.

It’s safe to say that, by the numbers, all of the 2015 models in the mid-size category should give tall drivers a bit of comfort. After all, my current 2004 Honda Civic (a compact) is bested in terms of leg room by many vehicles in this class.

Speaking of leg room, let’s start with taking a look at one of the numbers that all tall drivers should hold dear:

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3 NAIAS displays that are trying really hard

Jeep Sticker_mini

If you’ve been to the 2015 Detroit Auto Show you may have noticed that some of the manufacturers’ displays are, well, trying really hard to get a point across. Whether it was targeting of a certain customer type or trying to make a brand statement, there was no mistaking the intention.

It’s not as though it’s often difficult to get an idea of what message the marketing folks at an auto company are trying to communicate. I mean just watch this Super Bowl commercial. From flannel to, well, barely clad, here are a couple of the displays that slapped me in the face.

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