3 NAIAS displays that are trying really hard

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If you’ve been to the 2015 Detroit Auto Show you may have noticed that some of the manufacturers’ displays are, well, trying really hard to get a point across. Whether it was targeting of a certain customer type or trying to make a brand statement, there was no mistaking the intention.

It’s not as though it’s often difficult to get an idea of what message the marketing folks at an auto company are trying to communicate. I mean just watch this Super Bowl commercial. From flannel to, well, barely clad, here are a couple of the displays that slapped me in the face.

Fia…er…Jeep’s “We’re From Detroit” Decal

In a city and state where the population is a game of “2 degrees from an auto factory worker”, the change of ownership from Chrysler to Fiat hasn’t just slipped under the radar. That’s why I was both not surprised and humored to find this decal on the hood of a Jeep Renegade at the Detroit Auto Show.

Jeep Renegade at 2015 Detroit Auto Show

I know that Chrysler is “Imported from Detroit” and all, but isn’t this the first Jeep vehicle to be built outside of the US? Imported, indeed.

The Nissan Titan’s Flannel Offensive

A flannel shirt, khaki cargo pants and work boots – all of the things that come to mind when you look at a…Nissan pickup? Well that’s what they’re shooting for, at least. The speakers for Nissan’s Titan truck were fully dressed for what advertising agencies tell us that camping in the American wilderness is like.

Nissan Titan Display at NAIAS

Most Detroiters were too busy calling each other rednecks in the comments of the Detroit Free Press Facebook page for their American truck choices to notice that Nissan had gone all hard-edge.

Alfa Romeo’s Boobs…er…Cars

One of Detroit’s radio DJs had said before the show something like “There’ll be over 200 models at the show. And there will be cars too.” Yes, every display had its share of female product specialists. But Alfa Romeo wanted to let everyone know what exactly you’re asking for when you buy an Alfa.

Alfa Romeo display at the Detroit Auto Show 2015


The photo isn’t clear because I didn’t want to give off the vibe that I was gawking. I mean even the Buick product rep complained that grown men were nearly running into each other in front of the display across the hall.

Your turn – did you find any displays at the auto show that were a bit heavy handed?

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