Give to these Charities for the Homeless in Detroit

The homeless of Detroit need your help

“Detroit is on the way up.” I’ve heard that phrase quite a bit since I moved to the area. I guess “up” depends on your perspective. For many, the city is still as cold and hard as it’s every been. According to COTS, there are 16,000 homeless on any given night in Detroit, and one-third of these are children.

Earlier I highlighted our Lenten goal of helping homeless charities in Detroit with the funds they need for food, clothing and other items for those among us who are in need. In case you were hoping to pitch in, here are a few organizations helping the homeless:

Detroit Rescue Mission

The Detroit Rescue Mission provides services like emergency and transitional housing assistance at several locations throughout the city. This charity also provides substance abuse services and special programs for senior citizens and children. Learn more here…

Neighborhood Service Organization

The NSO operates the Tumaini Center on Third Ave. in Detroit. The shelter provides services and housing assistance to the homeless suffering from behavorial issues, mental illness or disability. The NSO renovated the Michigan Bell building with over 100 apartments to provide housing for formerly homeless adults. Learn more here…

St. Aloysius Neighborhood Services

St. Al’s is located in the heart of downtown. As their website says: “We work with all of the people in the neighborhood to address needs of companionship, food, clothing, and emergency shelter. Money aside, St. Al’s offers a variety of ways you can help Detroit’s poor. Learn more here

COTS Detroit

The Coalition on Temporary Shelter in Detroit has been serving thousands of homeless men, women and children for over thirty years. Like the others of this list, COTS goes beyond emergency housing and provides people with assistance in finding a permanent home, getting educated and becoming healthy. Learn more here…

Michigan Veterans Foundation

For those of you who’d like to give to those who’ve served, the Michigan Veteran’s Foundation offers transitional housing, improvement in life skills, PTSD counseling and more. You can help keep Detroit’s veterans from suffering. Learn more here…

There are plenty of other charities in Detroit that you can help make a difference in this community. These are just a few to get you started.

Remember, even small donations help. Your couple of bucks can be the difference between a child going with or without a meal for a night. Your couple of bucks could be used for a good hat to fend off record-breaking cold.

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