My Reading List

Below you’ll find a list of books (mostly non-fiction) that I’ve recently read. I’d recommend any of these as your next book if you’re looking for some good prose and new knowledge:

The Worst Hard Time

Steinbeck never told you about those who decided to hold out against dust storms so powerful that shaking another person’s would cause a static shock that knocked both over. Timothy Egan does, and these lesser known stories are riveting. Must read.

Worst Hard Time

Brian Krebs exposes the world of organized cyber crime, from pharmaceutical spam mail to ransomware. Learn about an underworld that you likely know little, if anything about. It’s one that’s still operating today, and you are at risk.

Spam Nation

Detroit native Charlie LeDuff spills out the reality of the city’s fall, complete with corrupt politicians and anecdotes from the worst affected, in vivid detail. If you’re a newcomer to Detroit, this is required reading to keep you grounded. See my review.

Detroit: An American Autopsy

Ze’ev Chafets returns from Israel to live in his hometown – Detroit. Grandson of a murdered shopkeeper, Chafets offers a uniquely personal account of Detroit’s turmoil. And he discuses the most divisive of Detroit’s issues – race.

Devil's Night

Gugliemo Marconi endured failure and unrelenting skepticism to advance wireless telegraphy. But only an infamous murder that captivated audiences worldwide would prove that wireless communication was a monumental invention.


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