We Published a Literature & Art Review!

Well over a year ago, while showing my now fiance around the campus at my alma mater, we met up with Dr. Sherry Cook Stanforth for lunch. Before we left, Sherry made a very bold and oddly specific prediction.

She said, “I think you’re going to start a literary journal.”

At first the notion floated in my personal sea of “sounds good” ideas that often don’t materialize. But in the summer of 2014 I decided to go for it. Karen George, my aunt, joined as the fiction editor, and Crystal took on the role of art editor.

Publication was a long road, and I’m still putting some thoughts together to describe what I’ve learned from launching a journal (there were a lot of lessons).

While you’re waiting for that, I encourage you to stop by Waypoints for some fine stories, poems, art and photos. I’m very proud of our little journal, and all the work within. I think you’ll like it.

Holy Panorama!

It would be unwise of me not to mention – and by that I mean I might wake up suffocating in the middle of the night – that the wonderful panoramic photos that randomly change at the top of all of the pages on this site were taken by my fiance Crystal. Be on the lookout for new photos from time to time. Who knows, we might even publish a collection of panoramas for you to use on your own.

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