2016 Electric Cars for Tall Drivers

Electric Cars

Environmentally conscious tall folks – this one’s for you. Before I read Zach Shahan’s article about the best electric cars available, I didn’t know that there were quite so many electric vehicles available.

To provide a thorough overview of electric cars, I used Zach’s Evobsession post, 10 Best Electric Cars.

If you’re a fan of hybrid and electric vehicles, I would add this blog to your regular reading list. For now, here are the interior dimensions so that you can work on prioritizing your test drive list.

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2016 Full-Size SUVs for Tall Drivers

2016 Full-Size SUVs for Tall Drivers

So you’ve decided to go all out. It seems to me like the full-size SUV is the vehicle that your relatives are always telling you that you should buy.

Nonetheless, full-size SUVs offer a ton of space. If you want a large family wagon, the full-size SUV may be the option for you.

There aren’t too many competitors in this field. You can expect a new addition, the Nissan Armada, in late 2016.

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2016 Midsize SUVs for Tall Drivers

2016 Midsize SUV Blog Title

Small SUVs might seem little else than a compact sedan with a fifth door. Full-size SUVs can be more car than your really need. Midsize SUVs are right in the middle, giving you both a decent amount of cargo space and family space.

If you’re a tall driver and interested in the midsize SUV segment, these interior dimensions might help you put together a more informed shopping list.


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2016 Small SUVs for Tall Drivers

Small SUV Title

I have to make a confession – I’ve never been a fan of the small SUV or the crossover. To me, small SUVS seem like slightly-elevated mid-sized sedans with a fifth door.

Judging by what I see driving around the Detroit area, the small SUV is a popular choice. So if you’re a big or tall driver and interested in one of these vehicles, use the interior measurements below to help you prioritize your test-drive list.

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How to Plan Meaningful Road Trips

Road in Kenton Oklahoma

Our return from the Kentucky Political Science Association conference could have been an uneventful run back up I-69 to I-75 and home.

Instead, Dr. Spence took the back way, a trip through the Land Between the Lakes on a bridge over sunken towns. Instead of eating at a fast food joint, we stopped in Hopkinsville for dinner-plate-sized burgers at a diner that fit maybe eight people huddled together. We traded the miles and miles of concrete for scenes of Kentucky’s rolling hills.

After that trip, I longed for others like it. But there was a problem…

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